PreSeason Scouting for Deer


Scouting for deer before the season comes is an important aspect in the overall hunting plan and each and every deer hunter should give importance to this aspect if they want to be successful with their hunt. A lot of hunters would find hunting deer so much fun but not all of them love the idea of having to walk around the property all day just looking for any deer sign. But knowing where the deer are is very important when scouting for deer. In fact, this is one of the skills that a lot of hunters would want to learn. So here are tips when it comes to this.

Come Up with a Detailed Map of the Property

One important tool that a lot of hunters would make use of is a detailed map of the property or the area where the deer hunting would take place. Relying on aerial photos might be a bit troublesome but is certainly worth it. These photos will easily show any signs of possible feeding areas of deer as well as other possible hangouts of deer.

You can also make use of topography maps when scouting for deer. Although the topography maps might not show accurate details, they can help the hunter in scouting the property for deer hunting.

You can also opt to draw a map yourself and scout the area in order to fill in the details. Basically, the purpose of this is to get to know the property well so it would be easier for you to detect where the deer are.

Scout the Area

As soon as you have the detailed map available, you should start scouting for deer. Be wary of the property lines and make sure to stay within the land where you are given permission to hunt for deer. Furthermore, it is also best to scout just before the season would start so you will be able to obtain more accurate information on where the deer can be found.

Check out the areas by looking at your detailed map and identify which areas appear promising to you. Be very quiet when you are scouting for deer or you might end up disturbing them. Remember that the deer are very sensitive to noise in the same way that they are sensitive with scents.

Look For Signs

Be very vigilant with signs that would signify that there might be any deer around. Look for trails, tracks, rubs and even old scrapes. The rubs are areas of missing bark of a tree trunk that were being scraped off by the buck’s antlers. The bucks would create rubs as a means to let other deer know that they are around the area.

Old scrapes that were from the last rut season come in the form of bare spots on the ground that are partially covered with some leaves, depending on how late in the year you are scouting for deer. If these signs are present on the area, then that could mean that you have found the best area for deer hunting.